["16 Definitive Digital Media Trends to Help You Plan 2013 ," 13 February 2013] 

The list includes:
1. Online video platforms and social TV matures to new heights
2. Google+ gets an Android boost
3. LinkedIn, no longer just for B2B marketing
4. The visual web moves beyond Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr
5. Social commerce speeds full steam ahead from referrals to direct purchase
6. Context trumps content (well, maybe)
7. Mobile advertising grows up
8. Blogs explode again, yes, again
9. Augmented reality gets really real
10. Gamification, gamification, gamification
11. Native advertising gains ground
12. Multichannel publishing finds its groove
13. The end of online anonymity (?)
14. Social measurement will be standardized
15. Insights-based strategies rule
16. Finally, it’s time to sound the death knell for the silo